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Xiang Li#, Hao-Dong Qian#, Xinying Qiao, Chunhui Zhao, Yuepeng Lu, Cuiju Zhu*, Hao Xu*

Copper-Catalyzed Remote Nucleophilic Substitution of 5-Ethynylthiophene Esters

Org. Chem. Front. 2024, in revision


Ruinan Zhao#, Shuang Deng#, Rongkang Huang#, Han-Han Kong, Yuepeng Lu, Jiaqiang Wang, Ying Li, Cuiju Zhu, Fangfang Pan, Xiaotian Qi*, Hao Xu*

Enantioselective Copper-Catalyzed Dearomative Spiroannulation of β-Naphthols or Indoles with Yne-Allylic Esters

ACS Catalysis. 2024, cs-2024-01756w.


Wei-Feng Qian,# Yan-Yan Ouyang,# Cuiju‍‍‍‍‍ ‍Zhu,* Hao Xu*   ‍

Electrochemical Cascade Cyclization of N-Centered Radicals with Electro-Deficient Alkynes.

ChemCatChem. 2024, 16, e202301572.‍‍‍‍

(Invited contribution to Special Collection "ChineseCatChem").


Yuan-Hang Chen(本科生),# Jin-Yu He,# Bo Zhang(本科生), Yan-Zhao Wang, Ling-Xuan Kong, Wei-Feng Qian, Na-Na Wang, Wen-Xi Duan, Yanyan Ouyang, Cuiju Zhu,* Hao Xu*

Asymmetric Organic Electrochemistry.

Chinese. J. Org. Chem. 2024, 10.6023/cjoc202311004.

(Invited contribution to “有机电化学”专辑).


Ying Li (本科生),
Kongling Feng (本科生)
Ruinan Zhao
Cuiju Zhu
Hao Xu

Dearomatization of α-Unsubstituted β-Naphthols.

Synlett.2023, 14, 70469.

(Special Issue Thieme Chemistry Journals Awardees 2023)


Zi-Qi Geng,# Chunhui Zhao (本科生),# Hao-Dong Qian, Si-Jia Li, Hao Peng*, and Hao Xu*
Cu/Ag-Mediated One-Pot Enantioselective Synthesis of FullyDecorated 1,2,3-Triazolo[1,5‑a]pyrazines

Org.Lett.2023,25, 45044509.

Hao-Dong Qian§, Zhi-Heng Li§, Shuang Deng, Chaochao Yao, Hua-Ming Xiang, Guang Xu, Zi-Qi Geng, Zihao Wang, Linfeng Chen, Chunrong Liu, Cuiju Zhu, Xiaotian Qi, and Hao Xu*

(Highlighted by Synfacts 2022, 18, 1204.; Highlighted by X-MOL)


Zhi-Heng Li§, Dan-Ran Li§, Hua-Ming Xiang, Jian Huang, Yi-Nuo Zheng(本科生), Cuiju Zhu, Xiuling Cui, Chao Pi*, and Hao Xu*

Copper-Catalyzed Asymmetric Propargylic Substitution of Anthrones and Propargylic Esters

Chinese Chem. Lett. 2022, 33 , 867–870.


Jian Huang§, Han-Han Kong§, Si-Jia Li, Rui-Jin Zhang, Hao-Dong Qian, Dan-Ran Li(本科生), Jin-Yu He, Yi-Nuo Zheng(本科生), and Hao Xu*

Asymmetric Copper–Catalyzed Propargylic Amination with Amine Hydrochloride Salts.

Chem. Comm. 2021, 57, 46744677. (This article is part of the themed collection: 2021 Emerging Investigators)


Julian Wilke, Tatsuro Kawamura, Hao Xu, Alexandra Brause, Alexandra Friese, Malte Metz, Dirk Schepmann, Bernhard Wünsch, Antonia Artacho-Cordón, Francisco R.Nieto, Nobumoto Watanabe, Hiroyuki Osada, Slava Ziegler, Herbert Waldmann*

Discovery of a σ1 receptor antagonist by combination of unbiased cell painting and thermal proteome profiling.

Cell Chem. Biol. 2021, 28, 848–854.


Si-Jia Li§, Jian Huang§, Jin-Yu He, Rui-Jin Zhang, Hao-Dong Qian, Xue-Lin Dai (本科生), Han-Han Kong and Hao Xu*

Highly enantioselective copper-catalyzed propargylic amination to access N-tethered 1,6-enynes.

RSC Adv. 2020, 10, 38478.

 A highly enantioselective copper-catalyzed propargylic amination starting from benzylic allylic amines has been developed with a new chiral N,N,P ligand, providing a series of N-tethered 1,6-enynes in good to excellent yields with excellent enantioselectivities.


Hao Xu, Luca Laraia, Laura Schneider, Kathrin Louven, Carsten Strohmann, Andrey P. Antonchick* and Herbert Waldmann*;

Highly Enantioselective Catalytic Vinylogous Propargylation of Coumarins Yields a Class of Autophagy Inhibitors.

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, 56, 11232.

(Highlighted by Synfacts. 2017, 13, 1047.)


Hao Xu, Christopher Golz, Carsten Strohmann, Andrey P. Antonchick* and Herbert Waldmann*;

Enantiodivergent Combination of Natural Product Scaffolds Enabled by Catalytic Enantioselective Cycloaddition.

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2016, 55, 7761.


Hao Xu§, Jiang-Lin Hu§, Li-Jia Wang, Sai-Hu Liao and Yong Tang*;

Asymmetric Annulation of Donor−Acceptor Cyclopropanes with Dienes. (§: contributed equally)

J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2015, 137, 8006.

(Highlighted by Synfacts. 2015, 11, 956.)


Jiang-Lin Hu, Li-Jia Wang, Hao Xu, Zuo-Wei Xie* and Yong Tang*;

Highly Diastereoselective and Enantioselective Formal [4 + 3] Cycloaddition of Donor–Acceptor Cyclobutanes with Nitrones.

Org. Lett. 2015, 17, 2680.


Hao Xu§, Jian-Ping Qu§, Sai-Hu Liao, Hu Xiong and Yong Tang*;

Highly Enantioselective [3+2] Annulation of Cyclic Enol Silyl Ethers with Donor–Acceptor Cyclopropanes: Accessing 3a-Hydroxy [n.3.0]Carbobicycles. ( §: contributed equally)

Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2013, 52, 4004. (Selected as a Hot paper)

(Highlighted by Synfacts. 2013, 9, 648.)


Hu Xiong§, Hao Xu§, Sai-Hu Liao, Zuo-Wei Xie* and Yong Tang*;

Copper-Catalyzed Highly Enantioselective Cyclopentannulation of Indoles with Donor−Acceptor Cyclopropanes.

( §: contributed equally)

Am. Chem. Soc.
2013, 135, 7851.

(Highlighted by Synform, 2013, 7, 122.)

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